Secret Bali

Dec 01, 2015

by Jill Gocher, with Jean Couteau


secretbali02340As Bali changes from a sleepy agriculturally-based island living its culture on daily basis, to a dynamic tourism-based, resort replacing the traditional with modern and Balinese culture with Western lifestyle, I decided that we needed to record as much as possible for the future. Who better to turn to than the exceptionally talented Jill Gocher whose ability to capture life beautifully with her camera is outstanding.

The result in the pages of this brand new book is Bali, away from the tourist track where the life continues as it has for centuries. But even this has another side, another aspect: the myths and legends that underlie so much of Balinese culture.

For this I turned to immensely talented historian, art critic and art custodian Jean Couteau, who has been regularly writing on aspects of Balinese culture and belief in NOW! Bali.

So this marvellous combination of talents came together to create “Secret Bali”, to bring the “seen” and “the unseen” elements, the sekala and niskala of Balinese life together in these pages. It is a truly marvellous book and i thank both these exceptional people fo their talent and creativity.

-Alistair Speirs


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