Dances of Bali

Nov 30, 2015

By Kartika D Suardana
Dances of Bali 2014(02)340INTRODUCTION

In Bali dance is not only considered to be an art form but also as a way appreciate God’s blessings and kindness. Dance are performed before religious ceremonies or rituals that take place in temples, to welcome the deities and ancestor that come down to the earth whenever the ceremonies take place and also to show gratitude to the gods for thier blessings. Even though a ceremony starts with dances, before the dance start, the dancers and the musicians follow a ritual in which they wish for a blessing from God to charm their performance. They are praying for Taksu – a compilation of perfect technique they get by serious study and practice plus the charisma they have been lucky enough to been given. It is said that dancer with Taksu can hypnotize and stun the audience when they start have thing swaying their body whatever their age.

Balinese traditional dance has gone international because people from al over the world who have visited the island have been captivated by the dancers’ wide round eyes, amazed by the beautiful dance routines performed, and ornaments worn by the dancers. But possibly the most important to help people to enjoy Balinese traditional dances is to know the story told by the dance routine. Every dance in Bali, be it Legong, Kecak, Calon Arang or any other, carries a religious and social message about life value, good and bad in them which aims to educate the audience.

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